JNTU Kakinada Model English Question papers

                  I.B.Tech  --- I- Semester Examination 2012
 Time-3hrs                                           ENGLISH                                              Max .Marks : 75
Note : Answer any FIVE questions
           All questions carry equal marks

1. a. Summarize Gandhiji’s experiences as a student in London.       10 M
b. Give the Synonyms of the following. (From the texts)                    5M
i.  (i).heritage             (ii) tryst                (iii) earnest 
(iv) euphoria             ( v) Pecuniary      

2. a.  According to Barnum what kind of people can attain pecuniary     
         Independence                                                                           10 M

b. Give the Antonyms of the following. (From the texts)                 5M
i. rational                  (ii) summit            (iii) dreary
(iv)  vulnerable          (v) hospitable                

3. a. Compare and contrast the personalities of Lawyer Cribbs and Edward Middleton.       10M
b. Describe a trip/journey/ travel and give the details.                 5M
  4. a. Give an account of the message that Helen keller conveys to men and women regarding the use of their senses.             10M 
b.  Write a dialogue between a hostel warden and a student.         5M                          
5. a. Write an argumentative essay on  Gender -bias.    10M                                    
b. Fill in the blanks with suitable verb forms                      5M
i. The blind man---------- his balance  while he ---------in the park. (loose, walk)
ii. He -------- the room and the power-------off (enter, go)
iii. John------- the violin.(play, plays)

6. a. Discuss the skills of problem solving.    10M
b. Correct the following sentences.                  5M
i. The house is made with wood
ii. He and I am writing the exam..
iii. She work hard
(iv. She says she was happy.
(v). She is an ileterate
7. a. Expand the line into a paragraph.  ‘A stitch in time saves Nine’                 10M
 b. Rewrite as directed. (5 sentences to be given)                     5 M
(nouns /pronouns/adjectives/adverbs/gerunds)
i. reverential—change the  adjective into a noun and make a own sentence.
ii. I, Ram and you must attend the meeting. (Order of the pronoun)
iii. The sun is shining very brightly. (Pick the adverbs)
iv. Reading improves your speaking skill. (pick the gerund)
v. He is not only kind but also generous. (Pick the adjectives)                                                                                                     
8. a. Give the one word substitutes of the following. ---6M
 i. A person who speaks many languages.
ii. One who loves and helps mankind.
iii. A person who takes care of museum.
iv. One who flees away from his country for safety.
v. A place where birds are kept.
vi. Fear of open places.
b. Tick the right answer.                6M
i. obdurate: stubborn:  : proximity :--------
a. probable   b. approach    c. nearness  d. distance
ii. Tick the right answer------ venerate  : respect  :  : assuage  :------------]
a. relieve   b. harsh   c. reject   d. receive
iii. map: atlas :  : word : ---------p-------------
a. book   b. dictionary   c. printer  d. theory
iv. airplane: hangar:  :  money  : ---------------------
a. bank   b. sea c. safe     d. yard
v. attentive: rapt:   : criticize :------------
a. derisive   b. praise   c. jeer   d. enervate
vi. Cluster : huts    : :     flock  :  
a. toys        b.birds      c. paper    d. sheet
c. Write about to+ infinitive and give examples.                  3M

                  I.B.Tech  --- II Semester Examination 2012
 Time-3hrs                                           ENGLISH                                              Max .Marks : 75
Note : Answer any FIVE questions
           All questions carry equal marks

1. a.  What are the factors that constitute a knowledge society according to Abdul Kalam?                                                                                           10M
b. Give the Antonyms of the following.(from the texts)        5M
i. abstract         ii. negate           iii.straight         iv.glee    v. despotic
2. a.  Analyze L.A. Hills observation regarding a ‘simple and clear style’  of good writing.               10M
 b. Supply the quantifiers. (Nothing, several, great, almost, many, little)    5M
i. I have ----------------- to eat
ii. India is -------------- in its heritage.
iii. I worked here for------------------ years.
iv. The problem has --------------- dimensions.
v. --------------- can be said about the past.
3. a.  Justify Russell’s statement that world is full of conflicts.                  10M
b. Fill in the blanks with suitable conjunctions. (five sentences)          5M
i. ---------- it is raining we have an umbrella.
ii. ------------- she had learnt to drive, Alice felt independent.
iii. --------------- it rains I will not go.
iv. Have you seen ----------- heard the latest musical by Lalit Mohan.
v. --------------it was very cold I continued my journey.
4. a. Comment on George Orwell’s decision to shoot the elephant.   10M                                    
b.   Correct the following sentences. (five sentences)    5M
(i) He is the best of the two
(ii) The student gave the examination
(iii)         Either the girls or the boys may go to picnic.
(iv)         He know about the incident.
(v) The plight of the victims are not known.

5. a.   Write an essay on team work and integrity..                            10M
b. Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions.     5M
i. He kept the paper--------------- the box.
ii. . He worked ------------------- an Inspector.
iii. I woke up------------- 5 ‘o clock.
iv. He met me -------------- Sunday.
v. I go --------------- a walk in the morning.
6. a.  As a sales manager of Enfield Motors Ltd, Victoria cross, 3rd Lane, Calcutta you are asked to submit report on the decline of sales to your managing director - give the details---Methodology/description/discussion/ analysis/suggestions/conclusions etc....          10M
b.     Comprehension. --- five questions to be given from the selected passage.
Without the knowledge of grammar, it is impossible for you to write correctly; It is by mere accident if you speak correctly; and pray, bear in mind, that the well-informed persons judge of a man’s mind (until they have other means of judging) by his writing or speaking. The labour necessary to acquire this is indeed not trifling. Grammar is not like arithmetic, a science consisting of several distinct departments, some of which may be dispensed with; it is a whole, and the whole must be learnt, or no part is learnt. The subject is abstruse, it demands much reflection and much patience, but when once the task is performed for life, and in everyday of that life it will be found to be in a greater or less degree, a source of pleasure or of profit, or both together. And what is the labour? It consists of no labour exertion; it exposes the student to no cold, no hunger, no suffering of any sort. The hours usually spent on the tea and coffee shops and in the mere gossip which accompany them; those wasted hours, of only one year, employed in the study of English grammar would make you a correct speaker and writer for the rest of your life.
i. Why is the study of grammar essential?
ii. How should grammar be learnt?
iii. How will the well-informed person judge people?
iv. Does the study of grammar involve labour?
v. What is indeed not trifling?
7. a. Make a presentation with 5 to 6 slides on the seminar that was conducted in your department.  10M
b. Fill in the blanks with suitable articles.          5M
i._________ last two chapters are interesting.
ii. Sheela gave me---------- pen.
 iii. Africa is called__________ Dark Continent.
iv. I met him at -------- church.
v. My uncle is still in ------- hospital..
8. a. Write a letter to the owner of a Kinley Refrigerators shop to send you the details of the items available and the price list.        10M
 b. Match the following                        5M
 i. Man proposes                                               vocabulary
ii. Exclamation                                                   life skill                                             
iii. Egalitarian                                                     God disposes          
iv. jargon                                                            Democratic
v. Problem solving                                          intense feeling                                 


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